Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Albert Lea Lake Walleyes

Albert Lea Lake is starting to heat up for walleyes. The channel seems to be the most popular spot, but I have talked to people who have houses on New York Point near the State Park and they are doing great also. My son took advantage of his Christmas Vacation and set the Clam up in the channel yesterday for a couple of hours and caught 2 18" walleyes and one big perch. When I picked him up just after dark it was apparent the word had got out because he had been joined by about 20 other portable shelters. I saw a couple of camera flashes go off, so someone was catching trophies. Late this fall the commercial fisherman who have been netting rough fish from Albert Lea Lake for years said this was the first time they got more walleyes in there nets than carp. The owner, who has been doing netting for years claims they had a walleye in the net that would have broken the Minnesota State Record. The DNR Fisheries people say the walleyes are gorging themselves on carp minnows. The ones my son got were nice and fat.

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Anonymous said...

I have family that live in Albert Lea,MN. Are you talking about the albert lea in south central minnesota? If so, I am really looking forward to fishing with my uncle there this year.