Sunday, June 22, 2008

Southern Minnesota Fishing Report

With the high price of gas people are looking for places closer to home to fish. Here's a suggestion for people south of the Twin Cities, Albert Lea Lake.
I’m sure most people from Iowa and Minnesota have traveled on I-35 through the town of Albert Lea. The lake you cross just north of the Iowa border is Albert Lea Lake and you may have noticed this past spring the large number of fishing boats out there. The walleye fishing this spring has been outstanding, with fish as large as 12 lbs. being caught. I don’t know what is different this year from past years but the walleye bite has been great from the opener on. We were out yesterday for about 4 hours and caught about 14 walleyes between 2 of us, the largest being 23″. Most went back, although we kept a couple for a meal. Just look for the boats and go get them. Time of day has not mattered when we’ve been out, as we have caught them in the middle of the afternoon all the way to dusk. I’ve also talked to some fisherman who have been bobber fishing after dark and done well.

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