Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tri-State Outdoor Festival

The Tri-State Outdoor Festival will be held in St. Charles, MN
at the Winona County Fairgrounds June 27th, 28th, and 29th of
2008. This is an event tailored for family fun in the outdoors.
The Tri-State Outdoor Festival is the perfect place to try out
new products or introduce your kids to a new outdoor sport. Our
"Hands On" area is huge and includes activities in the areas of
Fishing, Fly Casting, Archery, Speed Shooting (air guns), Dog Events
, Rock Climbing, Bike Riding and much more. We have skilled
professionals on hand to coach the experienced or inexperienced
outdoors person. For a complete list of games and events please
see our "IT'S ALL ABOUT THE KIDS" page.

The "Hands On" portion of our festival is what makes us different
from most expos. There really is nothing like seeing acres of people
casting, shooting, climbing, and riding. We encourage all comers to
the event to please bring a kid along for the experience. Much of
this event is tailored to kids and their introduction or enhancement
of the outdoor experience.

Over 200 vendors will be on hand to showcase and sell products,
making this festival a great place to compare products and prices
of all outdoor related equipment. Please check out our "EXHIBITORS"
page for updated vendors at the Tri-State Outdoor Festival.

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