Friday, February 22, 2008

Lund or Crestliner?

I had the opportunity to get to the Sport Show in St.Cloud over the weekend and got to look at some of the new boats. The Crestliner's always catch my eye. I really would like a new Sportfish, that thing is awesome. We fished out of a new 2150 last summer on Lake Kabetogama with a fishing guide, Frank House( That is a big, wide boat that five people could fish from comfortably. I owned an early '90's Sportfish and loved it. The strength of the hull was given a real test on a Memorial Day weekend fishing trip to Mille Lacs Lake. We had left early on Friday to beat the crowds up to the lake. While traveling through the Twin Cities area on I-494 with my 34' Bounder Motor Home and Crestliner Sportfish towed behind we came unto some construction work, which brought the traffic speed from 65 to 30. Naturally, we were just over a rise on the highway and a 3/4 ton Dodge Ram pickup pulling a large trailer loaded with steel tubing came over the hill at a very high rate of speed and slammed into my boat, completely crumbling the trailer under the boat and shoving the boat through the rear-end of my Motorhome. The front of the boat was resting on the bed in the rear (coincidentally, right where my daughter had been reading just minutes before) of the Motor home. Luckily, no one was injured. The driver who hit us was an older guy in his 70's on his way back to his welding shop with supplies. What surprised me about the Sportfish was after taking all this abuse the only damage to the boat was the rear where it was hit. The front part that smashed through the Motorhome was hardly even scratched. My insurance company totaled it because of the damage to the rear but I talked to a guy who bought it the insurance company and he had it back in the water in a week. That's one tough boat.

The one I'm toying with buying is the Super Hawk 1800 IO (

Not as much money as the Sportfish and it appears to have all the Sportfish attributes.

Anyone looking for a good used boat go to and click on "Boat", I have a 1995 Lund Tyee Grand Sport for sale there. That one has had lots of work done on it. 3 yrs. ago, while on a fall trip to Voyageurs National Park the engine blew after a failure of the oil injection system (the mechanic who fixed it said it was probably because of the cold temperatures, in the 30's, and the diaphragm in the oil pump couldn't move the stiff oil). I had the engine totally re-built by Crystal-Pierz Marine, so it's like new. The boat itself has been re-painted and new decals applied so it looks nice.

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